Jake Brouilete's Bagged Cruze


Air Lift Performance 3P managing custom brackets on BC struts


Avant Garde Wheels F141
Polished Lip with Rose Gold Face
18x9.5 +10F +38R
Nanking NS20 215/35/18


Garrett GTX14
MSD LS7 Streetfire Coils
72# Valve Springs
Bosch 52lb injectors
MPFab Intake
Custom catback exhaust
ZZ Performance Downpipe
BNR Tune
BNR Wastegate Actuator
Forge Motorsport Recirculating ByPass Valve
Ported Intake Manifold with Titan Synthetics external PCV, CDV Delete
Titan Synthetics “Big 3” Wiring Upgrade


Corbeau RRB Seats
Alcantara Camaro ZL1 Steering wheel
Takata Drift II 4-point Harness
OPT7 Interior footwell lighting kit


3DCarbon Front Air Dam
“RS Style” Side skirts
“Sport Style” Rear diffuser
Anzo Smoked LED Tail lights
SpecD Tuning Head lights fully retrofitted with larger projectors and XKGlow switchback directionals
OPT7 Multi-color underglow kit

Why did you choose this car?

To be completely honest, at first, I didn’t. I had my eyes set on a mk6 GTi. After viewing a few of my options at the time and working at a Chevy dealership at the time I settled for a point a to point b cheap economy car rather than something I didn’t need and at the time, couldn’t afford. Also, I actually was looking at a red Cruze at first. However, I decided the Champagne silver metallic was a lot more classy.

What was the main goal when the build started and what is it now?

My main goal was to modify my vehicle like the lowriders and stance cars I had grown to love over the years. My dad had low Chevy’s and I grew up with him moving low Italian supercars for his transportation business. He had a lot of affiliation with people who not only were imbedded in low hotrods but low vehicles all around I loved the thrill of them. I love the culture. And today I have myself a bagged Chevy that comfortably sits not only the subframe but the unibody as well and every panel except the rear bumper is planted on the pavement and besides a small front fitment issue I couldn’t be happier with the growth.

What are your future plans for the car?

Future plans include a revamped trunk setup as mine is a haggard 3am job to have something so my management didn’t keep dancing around my interior. Reupholster the dash trim and door card trim and maybe work the rear seats. I thought about several options for interior. Fog lights on the exterior, and from there just a bunch of little petty stuff that I’ve been meaning to do for years.

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

I work on things with no regret. I usually do something because I love it or I think I will. Visually I have a look in mind and no matter how far I feel I can stray from it I can’t and my car doesn’t go through stages. More over progression. I’ve not done any back tracking besides finding seats I find comfortable and I think that’s because I’m usually content with my car cause I feel as though it’s my true expression of my vision.

Shout Outs

First and foremost I wanna give a shout out to my girlfriend Samantha for putting up with the countless hours back and forth to shows and days I work on the vehicle and days in random parking lots outside of Autozones miles from home while she waits for me to fix something that broke. My second shout goes out to Jeff Slanus and all the Street Royalty fam for making me feel at home from across the country. You’re truly great people and have changed my life for the better. Austin Levesque for being an OG homie with me countless hours talking on messenger plotting and calculating and sending each other drawings. The CruzeTalk family for being there and putting up with my shenanigans for about 5 years now. Shout to Battlegang for all the great people I’ve met through it and last but not least a shout out to my father. He had truly sparked my interest for the automotive community and always had me strive for quality. I can’t show him my work anymore but I know he’s looking down on me and he’s proud. No matter how far the view, Pops, I still always look up to you.

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