Troy Macarski's "Mr Scoots" Cruze


BC Racing BR-type Xtreme Low Coilovers


Klutch Wheels SL14
Silver Machined
18x9.5 +26F +38R
Nitto NT555 225/40/18


Flow Master Force II Dual Cat-back Exhaust


Custom Stella Artois beer tap shifter with SickSpeed shift knob adapter
12” Subwoofer install


Contour RS look front lip & side skirts
Family Customs Front Splitter.
20% tint around
Several windshield banners
LED swap

Why did you choose this car?

I originally chose this car to be my daily driver for my long commutes to work. It was good on gas, American, easy to work on, and was pretty sleek. Me being the person I am, I grew up with family and friends driving jeeps and off-roading. Since I was a kid, modification was in my blood, it’s what I loved doing.

What was the main goal when the build started and what is it now?

My original main goal when I started building was put big spaced wheels on her, lift her up a bit, and a front bully bar, much like @Frostbite_cruze. He is living my original dream, just without my big wheels and tires. Shortly after putting on the big wheel and tires that were third-party purchased, I was so stoked. However, I was rubbing excessively because I didn’t have much wheel gap or a stiff suspension. Due to the market, and my resources available to me, I was not able to purchase or fabricate anything that could give me more height and damper. I ripped those wheels off and decided to move toward lowering the car. I did my research, ordered my coilovers and wheels, and here I am today

What are your future plans for the car?

Custom Retrofitted Winjet headlights
Aftermarket Tail lights, TBD
3Dcarbon Deck Lip Spoiler
Partial wrap work
Custom Grip Royal steering wheel setup W/ quick disconnect
Custom interior dash & paneling work, TBD
Aftermarket seats, TBD
Rear camber

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

I always ask myself if I should have waited and saved for a bagged setup. I always draw to the conclusion that it’s a daily and should remain as reliable as possible. There is nothing else I could have done different, surprisingly everything went according to plan after my decision to go low.

Shout Outs

@CruzeCulture and the rest of the fam for featuring and supporting my build.
@ddcruzer11 for inspiring me to lowering my cruze in the first place.  
@Clean_Cruze & @trashmouthhh for the inspiration on side skirts.
@Riptidecruze for the inspiration on the front lip & Splitter combo.
@Tms_cruze & @Elusive_cruze for future interior ideas
@Keely_cruze for inspiration for my future partial wrap
@Frostbite_cruze for living my bully-bar dream from bringing me and treating me like family, much love!
@ayeeeecolombie for being a cutie

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