What We Do

We are a Cruze community, manufacturer of high quality Cruze parts and merchandise, and dealer and reseller of many major automotive brands offering parts for the first and second generation Cruze.

Founded in 2013, our focus has always been on building a Cruze family and bringing together the Cruze community. Then providing high quality merchandise and always striving to offer unique goods and designs never done before in the community. Lastly and most recently, we have began selling parts in early 2018 for both generations of the Cruze.

Whether you're looking for a Cruze/Car family to join, want to wear and rep your Cruze everyday, or ready to start or continue modifying your Cruze, we at Cruze Culture are ready to take care of you and offer all of that if you want!

Our Story

“California Cruzes was founded in August of 2013. To reach our mission of bringing together the Cruze community we have changed our name to Cruze Culture. With this new name but same vision we hope we can reach a broader audience and truly make the community one. Our main goal is and always will be to “Bring Together the Cruze Community”. For us, creating a family is our goal and making genuine friendships through our cars is what drives us to do what we do. Whether your Cruze is bone stock or has a bunch of mods, every Cruze owner is welcome to join the CC family. Cruze Culture doesn’t need your money and you don’t need to sign up for anything. We just want everyone that joins to feel welcome, loved, and know that they have another family. Cruze Culture hopes to make a positive impact in the Cruze community and to build a family friendly, honest group. God bless!" - Daniel Parra, Owner.

Our Mission : Bring Together the Cruze Community.

  • Truly become a Cruze family, built through our passion for our cars and desire for a genuine car family.
  • Be a positive influence and safe place for any Cruze owner to be apart of something greater than them.
  • Through our meets allow our members to meet new people and create relationships that will outlast our cars.
  • Provide high quality merchandise, made from love and a passion to create high quality goods for the Cruze community.
  • Offer a true one stop Cruze shop for all owners and offer all the parts they need in an easy, safe, and affordable shopping experience.
  • Provide the best customer service in the industry and do whatever it takes to leave our customers happy every time!
  • Support the community and never lose sight of these goals and continue growing this amazing community through positivity and kindness.