Glenn Tevere's "Hotboi" Cruze


BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers
40k Swift Springs


Alzor 803
18x9.5 +35
1” Adapter
Sailun Atrezzo SVA1 215/35r18


Bad News Racing Tune
Bad News Racing Catless Downpipe
Full 3” Straight Pipe with Bōsōzoku Style Blast Pipe
“Cold Air Intake”


Avenue Performance Steering Wheel
Wrapped interior trim to match
Hardwood trunk liner
Sundown SA-15
Custom box tuned to 32hz
Sick nasty Hula Girl


No kits bc static
Clapped quarters bc static
Sick plasti-dipped grill
Ratchet 4” hole in bumper bc hotboi

Why did you choose this car?

I chose this car because my other car took a crap on me and originally went in for a ‘12 ATS and at the time I was young, didn’t make a lot of money and had crap credit. They put me in a brand new 2017 1.4T Cruze instead. I was fine with it because it had a good warranty and it had 6 miles. 

What was the main goal when the build started and what is it now?

When I got this car I had only dreamed of having a stance car. Ever since I was about 12 years old I had always loved stance cars. This is the first car I’m ever building by myself. Well a month or so passed and I bought coilovers and wheels. Time goes by and I go full on hotboi. 40k springs; frame banging everywhere I go, getting beached on a pebble, the whole 9.

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

There’s not a single thing I would have done different (other than totaling my car) there are so many plans I had for that car it is unreal. But this car, to me, was perfect. It made me so happy. Framebanging, throwing flames, breaking necks and meeting sooo many internet friends and many more to come. On to bigger and better things; but the Cruze Culture and CC Illuminati family will always have a big piece of my heart because it’s where I came from ❤️

Shout Outs

Shout out to @overrated.ovd and all the boys. @poolboykacz for the photos. @ccilluminati and all the boys. man all y’all have made this car scene so memorable and fun for me, for many more to come 💞

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