Steven Kohanic's "That Blu" Cruze


BC Racing BR Series Coilovers


ESR Wheels SR01
Gloss Black
18x8.5 +30
Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 P225/40ZR18
5mm Spacers for the Rear


AEM Cold Air Intake
BNR Upgraded Recirculating Valve
BNR Catless Downpipe
BNR Tune


Full LED conversion
BNR Gauge Mount


20% Tint All Around
Custom Rear Window Vents
Chrome-deleted Front End
6000K Headlight and Fog Light Bulbs
“RS” badge on the hatch
Cruze Culture Gloss Black Banner with Blue Cursive
Elite Cruzes Lower Banner
Custom Headlight Assemblies (RGB Demon Eye Headlights, RGB DRL Switchback Turn Signal Strips, Full Satin Black Housing, Side Marker Delete)
Custom Front Splitter and Side Skirt Extensions

Why did you choose this car?

I chose this car as a backup actually! I had just started working at a GM dealership and I didn’t have a car so I would be able to drive around what GM had to offer. Originally I was planning on getting a Sonic Hatchback but being a bigger guy it would make sense. One day I was walking through our lot and I saw the Cruze. That night I went home and was like “Yea, I’m getting this”. Compared with the first gen (I love you guys) it was a MAJOR improvement. The body lines were sexy, front end was more aggressive and it was a hatch. Everything about it has made for an amazing first car: turbocharged engine, black headliner, 7” display with CarPlay, you couldn’t ask for anything more!

What was the main goal when the build started and what is it now?

The main goal with the car was to originally do a chrome delete on the whole car and that was about it. I honestly had NO idea the car would turn out how it does today. After doing my first mod which was the intake, my itch for modding started and it hasn’t stopped!

What are your future plans for the car?

Future plans for the car are to get Swift Springs to lower it and stiffen the car a little more, get the exhaust done next year which would be a 2 and a half inch straight pipe back to a Vibrant Performance 1-into-2 muffler and have dual exits with dual tips, get the Wideband Sensor wired up and tapped into the downpipe, get the car dyno tuned to see how much money I’ve wasted making no difference in performance LOL! I’ve had some thoughts about doing a hatch-mounted rear wing but that may come down the road.

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

One of the things I would’ve done differently is probably spec one out so that it would be red and manual. I would’ve loved to have learned stick on my first car, however, the availability of finding a red hatch that was stick was next to impossible. Another thing I would’ve done was maybe buy different wheels; I love the look of the multi-spoke “BBS” style with the dish but they are not fun to clean! Other than that I have no complaints about the car or anything I would’ve really done differently!

Shout Outs

I’d like to shoutout everyone from my dealership that has helped me: Mike, Joel, Frank, Roberto, Walter, Steve and Matt, you guys may toast me on a daily but I love you guys to no end! I’d like to thank my dad, mom and sister for constantly being on my ass about spending money on this car! I’d like to thank all the Second Gen Hatches our there that have always messaged me and vice versa about the things we’ve done to our cars! I’d like to thank the community for putting out some good ideas of what looks good and what doesn’t on our cars! Another shoutout to GTA Retrofits for making me the only second gen Cruze in Canada with retrofits, guy does INCREDIBLE work! Shoutout to all the photographers I've used: Stanley, James and a HUGE shoutout to Tyler for all the photos from this shoot, you guys are killer! And lastly a big shoutout to Cruze Culture for offering me this feature, I’m extremely humbled and grateful to be given this opportunity to share my build, thank you.

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Where did you get the blue lights ?

Trevor January 06, 2020

Hey man. I like what you’ve done with your Cruz. I have a couple questions on some of your mods. If you could email me back, that’d be greatly appreciated.



Brian December 31, 2019

Yes buddy! Grats on the feature and thanks for the shout out :) Need to shoot more soon

TyTookIt (Tyler) November 05, 2019

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