Justin Smith's "thedaillyy" Cruze


Cruze Culture Complete Air Suspension Kit with Airlift Performance 3P


Avant Garde Wheels M240
18x9 +25 (Front)
18x9 +35 (Rear)
Ceramic Coated
Michelin Pilot Sports A/S 3 215/40/R18 


Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust
K&N Cold Air Intake
BNR Tune


Full Hertz Sound System
10 Inch JL Audio Subwoofer


5% Rear Window Tint
35% Front Window Tint
Wrapped Full Chrome Delete Wrapped Black Roof
Couture RS Style Front Lip
Couture RS Style Skirts
Custom Retrofit Winjet Headlights full RGB DEPO Euro Clear Front Bumper Side Markers

Why did you choose this car?

Ten years ago I owned a 1998 Z24 Cavalier, at a young age I didn’t have the money to do the things I wanted.  I did the usual Window Tint, Exhaust and wheels. The Cruze was not my first choice buying from new, but with a family I needed it to be practical for us to commute every day and get my daughter to the places she needed to be. I purchased an SUV for my wife and then the Cruze really brought me back to my Cavalier days and I wanted to just fix it up a bit so I could enjoy driving it atleast. Once I started looking at some Cruzes and what they could look like I began to keep going on with it instead of buying something else.

What was the main goal when the build started and what is it now?

My main goal when I started buying parts for this car was to be different locally. Living in Vancouver, British Columbia we have a lot of Subaru and VWs and I just wanted to be different. I wanted to turn heads and make people question if it was actually a Cruze.

What are your future plans for the car?

I have been thinking lots lately about what is next. This next car season I will be doing a full custom wrap on the car with a lot more performance and engine work, custom work for the trunk setup and interior will be changed out with Braum seats and much more. My goal is to really change the flaws I see in the car and just fine tune the little things to really step it up to a car show type level.

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back?

For anyone actually reading this feature. I think the only thing i would do different if I could would be to not rush things. I really stepped this car up this season and threw all my cards on the table to get it where its at now. But in the process I have switched suspension 3 times, wheels 3 times, things I threw my money at ended up not even staying on the car.

So really and truly, connect with some people and do your homework before just throwing money at it and really get an idea of what your going for.

Shout Outs

I have so many people to thank during my build that have answered questions sometimes daily when I have needed answers. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Because in this Cruze community, I have had way to many people help me to list them all.

Daniel Parra - Without Cruze Culture I would have never even thought to do this to my car.

Clifford Joe - Also known as @TheHypeBunny on Instagram for all my local car needs and really bringing me in to the car scene and believing in this build.

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