How to be Featured?


We have been consistently posting pictures of Cruzes for everyday for the past 4+ years straight and we are very proud of that! We love to share the communities Cruzes and are proud to be a source of quality Cruze content and inspiration. We share Cruzes for the love and joy of it and we love to help Cruze owners find friends and create relationships in doing so! It's been a joyous ride in getting to know the Cruze community through our social media accounts. Now we know everyone want's to have their Cruze featured and we are all for it but there are some things that we require from you in order to be considered for a feature!

Feature Requirements

  1. Must be a high quality picture, does not need to be taken by a professional photographer but preferred.
  2. If the picture was taken by a professional photographer, please let us know so we can get him/her credit and if they have social media so we can tag them as well.
  3. Does not need to be taken with professional camera, phone camera pictures are fine as long as they are quality.
  4. Must be taken at a proper angle, not sideways or at an extreme angle. For reference of what kind of angles we like, please look at our previous posts on our social media accounts.
  5. We prefer pictures with an interesting background and not just a house in the background and the Cruze parked in the driveway.
  6. Pictures with Snapchat captions will be ignored.
  7. Pictures that are excessively filtered and altered will be ignored.
  8. Oddly cropped pictures will be ignored.
  9. Some times we may ask you to email your pictures if Instagram or Facebook ruined the quality of the picture. Email:

How to Submit?

  1. You can submit pictures for a potential feature through our social media accounts, preferrably Instagram or Facebook.
  2. You can submit pictures for a potential feature through our email as well:
  3. If submitting through please include your Instagram handle if you have one and if you do not have an Instagram account then just include your name.

Things to Know When Waiting to be Featured

  1. Please be patient! We understand your excitement to be featured but realize this is a community, there are others who are waiting to be featured as well.
  2. Currently we have a few hundred pictures to share, so again please understand there are people waiting weeks at a time to be featured.
  3. We have a theme to our posts and we stick to it, please understand that we have a process when it comes to posting.
  4. We cannot post your Cruze the same day you share it with us, that's not fair to those who have been waiting.

If you have any questions whatsoever we are always available and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you #CCFamily for helping us help you in growing this community together and helping each other in building our Cruzes!

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Looking for PARTS 2nd gen 2017 Cruze HB RS

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