Cruze Culture East Coast 2019 Meet Recap


Thank you to everyone who attended our meet and made it an amazing and memorable day! With 30 Cruzes showing up, we couldn't have been more thrilled to see so many Cruzes from so many states show up. Thank you to all who made the drive, especially those driving 10+ hours, we sincerely appreciate your commitment to the meet and the community.

The weather was obviously not on our side haha but I'm glad that we made the most of it and were still able to have a great meet! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as possible and made new friends within the community. It was great to finally meet many of you for the first time and see old faces again as well!

Thank you to those who purchased merchandise, the support is much appreciated and we thank you CC Family for supporting and helping grow this family. Thank you to those who helped with the meet in planning, preparing, and providing food, drinks, and hospitality to everyone who showed up, this meet could have not been possible without your time, patience, and effort,

We hope to see many of you again next year! In our pursuit to provide the best quality meets, products, and service to the community, we want to hear your feedback on the meet and what we can do to improve for next year's meet.

Video is officially live on our Youtube channel, check it out!!

Please click the link below to help us get some valuable knowledge and input from the community to better help everyone for future meets!

To view pictures from the meet, click the link below! Thank you to all of our amazing photographers for the pictures from the meet!

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