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This has been a long time coming. It took about 6 weeks to create: lots of time, energy, research, and effort went into creating what you are using and seeing today. 

I wanted to create something extremely simple, user friendly, and easy to navigate. The goal was to make the user experience as easy as possible and hassle-free. Here you can find quick and easy ways to search for meet info, merchandise, parts, or read through our features.

Easier Navigating

Our previous website was good, but not great. Transitioning to this new website, I knew that there were a couple things to address. Simple things such as adding a search button, the option to change currency, a footer that contained the menu along with quick links, and a few smaller details. The previous navigation was not as easy, simple, or reliable, and it wouldn't always be user friendly-and that was very frustrating. Our new navigation is far more simple, allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for. Whether you're looking for wheels in a specific spec, or if you're looking for parts specifically for your generation Cruze, you can now do all of that!


We've updated the look of our Chapter pages and now are more united and cohesive looking, with quality information about each chapter, their mission, President and Vice President.

What's New

Features - A new part of the website that we're very proud to offer are our Features, an in-depth and high quality look into some of the nicest domestic Cruzes in this community. A real and genuine blog/feature that provides information about the owner, the parts on their car, and a look into why they modified their Cruze. It's something we've been wanting to do, but held off until we got it right and we are proud to say we did.

Search - I know right? How could we not have that with our previous site, well I finally took care of that! It's quick and easier than ever to search exactly what you're looking for. It's also a smart search that allows you to search everything and filter your findings into the categories that they are in.

Theme - Before making the move to this new website, many hours of research and effort went to finding exactly what we felt you would need in a car website. The theme to me means everything. If the site doesn't look professional, easy to use, safe, and quality, we know it will deter consumers. That's what I look for personally and I tried to really put myself in the consumer's shoes to see what makes it easy to use, headache-free, and quick. Our color palette and theme for Cruze Culture has always been black and white and we wanted to continue that. Then I choose the right fonts and sizing to give it a simple, clean, and professional look. Lastly, I wanted it to be welcoming and user friendly experience. I want people to immediately know what Cruze Culture is about and what is stands for, a group and business for the enthusiasts.

Related Products/Recently Viewed - Another feature we're happy to now offer on the site! Easier than ever to view more products from the same company. Then go back and see what you've recently viewed to see there was something you were really interested in.

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